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Online Articles

"Grumpy Old Men: Maybe It's a Question of Testosterone"- Melinda Beck, The Wall Street Journal- Link

"Love in the Time of Viagra"- Judith Newman, Prevention Magazine- Link

"Male Hormones"- The Dove TV- Link

"Is Male Menopause a Myth?"- Lisa Collier Cool, Yahoo Health- Link

 "11 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone" - CBS News -Link

"Prognosis: Testosterone and Prostate Cancer" - Nicholas Bakalar, The New York Times -Link

"What Big Hands Really Mean and Why It Doesn't Matter" - Micah Toub, The Globe and Mail - Link

"One Man's View: Neither Choir Boy Nor Devil" - Jason Probst, -Link

"Testosterone Deficiency And Replacement Therapy In Men" - Jenny Eriksen Leary, Medical News Today -Link

"The Low Down on Low-T; Replacement Can Help" - Barbara Mannino, Fox Business -Link

"Viagra: The Thrill That Was" - Hilary Stout, The New York Times -Link

"How to Help Men Become Good Health Consumers" - Barbara Mannino, Fox Business -Link

Audio Interviews

WABC Interview with Dr. Morgentaler - Listen Here

Books by Dr. Morgentaler

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Why Men Fake ItTestosterone for LIfeThe Male bodyThe Viagra Myth

Videos Featuring Dr. Morgentaler


Dr. Morgentaler Discusses a Study on the Effects of Low Estrogen in Men, 9/12/13

Dr. Morgentaler Discusses the Importance of Low-T Treatment on CBS, 7/17/13

Dr. Morgentaler's Appearance on the CBS This Morning Show, 4/26/13


Suzanne Somers Discusses Dr. Morgentaler's Work

Read more about Dr. Morgentaler's work in Suzanne Somer's book, Bombshell.

Additional Videos Featuring Dr. Morgentaler

Suzanne Somers' 'Bombshell' Medical Secrets, May 7, 2012 on Fox News - Click to view.

‘Bombshell’: Suzanne Somers' secrets for defying aging, May 8, 2012 on MSNBC News TODAY - Click to view.