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Welcome to my blog!

After nearly 30 years as a practicing physician and surgeon in the specialty of urology, I’ve seen many trends wax and wane in medicine. In addition, it has been humbling to observe my research play a significant role in changing theoretical concepts, as well as daily practice. Here in this blog, I will be addressing a number of topics based on my observations and conclusions, most on issues related to men’s health, but in some instances pertaining more broadly to medicine and science in general.

My comments and opinions will not necessarily be popular or politically correct. After so many years in medicine, and another decade in science, I’ve learned to trust NOTHING and NO ONE. Not because I believe individuals are untrustworthy or intentionally misleading. Rather, because my experience is that so much of what we believe is based on faulty information, or incorrect interpretations of data. And once an idea takes root, it is exceptionally difficult to unroot it, no matter how strong the evidence. In the field of testosterone, for example, which has been a primary field of investigation for me, many of the most basic points taught to students and residents are based on what I have termed, “lore”- unsupported ideas that have assumed the appearance of “truth” after enough repetition.

My touchstones are Science and Reason. I believe most complex subjects can be made understandable by non-experts if the primary concepts are adequately explained.

Thanks for following me along here.

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