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Testosterone for Life
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Dr. Morgentaler is an internationally acclaimed urologist recognized for his many accomplishments and “firsts” in the treatment of conditions of considerable importance to men, especially testosterone therapy. His pioneering research revolutionized concepts regarding the relationship of testosterone and prostate cancer. Dr. Morgentaler received all his education and training at Harvard University, from undergraduate degree through medical school and residency, and has been on the Harvard Medical School faculty continuously since 1988. In 1999 Dr. Morgentaler founded Men’s Health Boston, the first comprehensive Men’s Health center in the U.S., to better serve the health concerns of men by combining state-of-the-art medical care together with a first-rate patient experience.

Dr. Morgentaler has been an invited lecturer in more than 25 countries on six continents, and has published more than 150 scientific articles in leading medical journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, and Cancer. He is the author of four books on men’s health, including Testosterone For Life, and most recently, The Truth About Men and Sex.

Men’s Health Boston is a premier health center providing leading-edge treatments for a wide variety of men’s issues, including wellness and disease prevention. Dr. Morgentaler continues to be actively engaged in research and implementation of the very best new treatments for men. Consultations can be obtained with Dr. Morgentaler in-person or via telephone via his Personalized Men’s Health program, or with any of the excellent healthcare providers at Men’s Health Boston.

Personalized Men’s Health (PMH) is an executive-level membership program that offers individualized care directly from the expert, Dr. Morgentaler. The exclusive membership is limited to only a small number of patients who value personalized care from the leading authority in men’s health. Benefits of joining PMH include enhanced access to Dr. Morgentaler via email, text, and phone, as warranted; a dedicated phone line to his assistant; priority appointments with extended visit lengths; unlimited visits per year; and a private waiting lounge with complimentary snacks and refreshments.

Call us today at 617-277-5000 to learn more details on how to become a PMH member, and begin enjoying a healthier, more vibrant life.
One-time telephone and in-office consultations with Dr. Morgentaler are also available for men who wish to receive a detailed assessment and evaluation of their health concerns.

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