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DXA & Body Composition Scans

DXA Scan

A DXA machine is essentially a miniature x-ray capable of measuring the density of body tissues, such as muscle, bone, and fat. At MHB, we use this tool to assess bone health as part of our initial screening for men (or women!) before starting on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Annual follow-ups are recommended to ensure proper bone strength is maintained. DXA scans are especially helpful for our post-menopausal female patients, as estrogen plays a major role in keeping bones strong and healthy.

DXA scan

Body Composition Scan

While Body Mass Index (BMI) serves as a common marker for health risks, it’s well established that not all weight is metabolically equal. Body Composition Scans utilize the same DXA technology to provide a detailed report of your body mass, outlining body fat content (both subcutaneous, or surface level, and visceral – the risky one) vs. lean muscle mass and bone. This can better stratify your metabolic health and risk of disease. We recommend this scan for any patient looking for a quantitative way of measuring their fitness and health progress. As part of our Nutrition Counseling program, we suggest a body composition at baseline and throughout your weight loss journey.

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