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Nutrition Counseling

Our Philosophy

At Men’s Health Boston, we believe that practicing preventive medicine starts with establishing healthy behaviors. We also know that behavior change can be hard, and you shouldn’t have to do hard things alone. That’s why we’re proud to offer in-house nutrition counseling services as a resource to our patients. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health and energy levels, take control of your eating habits, or struggling with how to properly manage a chronic disease, we can help.

What are Nutrition Services? Are you going to put me on a “diet”?


Typically, no. While certain conditions do require targeted nutrition therapy, what most people think of as a “diet” is something meant to be short-term and restrictive to achieve a specific goal, such as losing weight. Unfortunately, a large body of research shows that this approach isn’t very effective long-term.

At MHB, we prefer to take the long-view, and focus instead on sustainable patterns of eating and building healthy behaviors, one step at a time. The key to good health isn’t dogma, it’s flexibility, and our approach is designed to be adaptable to the things in life you care about most.

Who should see a dietitian?

Nutrition therapy is effective in a wide range of situations, but you are an especially good candidate if you:

Will my insurance cover nutrition services?

The answer is most likely, yes. Most major insurances cover nutrition services to some extent, although individual policies vary, and some may require a physician referral. The best way to know what your plan covers is to call your insurance company and speak to a representative about your nutrition coverage details.

What if my insurance says “no” to coverage?

We are committed to making these services available and affordable to patients who want to take charge of their health. If your insurance plan won’t cover nutrition counseling, we offer a flexible pay-for-service program and discounted consultation packages:

Who is your nutritionist and what can I expect from an appointment?

Zach, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). He has a background in medical nutrition therapy, exercise physiology, and culinary arts. Zach runs our nutrition program, including:


Do you offer additional services besides nutrition consultations?

Alongside our core programs, we offer our patients a variety of supplementary services including diagnostic tools, dietary supplements, and cutting-edge medical devices.

Dexa Body Composition Scan

The gold-standard in assessing lean muscle, body fat, and bone density

Supplements you can trust

Through our partnership with Xymogen, including Vitamin D+K2, Omega-3 Fish Oil, and a Men’s Multivitamin

A comprehensive “Core to Floor” Program

Focused on abdominal and pelvic floor strength and musculature

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