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Mind, Heart, Body

At MHB, we’re committed to serving the unique needs of all of our patients – including the many women who entrust us with their medical care. Our mission is to provide world-class treatment designed to improve health and vitality, rejuvenate sexual wellness, and enhance overall quality of life, because every woman deserves the chance to thrive. That’s why we’ve created a robust suite of services specifically tailored to the needs and concerns of our female patients.


Fatigue, mood changes, sleep loss, decreased sex drive, increased weight gain – all of these symptoms can have major impacts on mental health and quality of life. Imbalances in hormones can be a strong driving force behind many of these factors.

Who might benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

“It feels like I’m at war with my own body.”

That’s what we hear from many of the female patients who come to see us at MHB. Often, they are grappling with complex medical situations on their own, such as sexual dysfunction, mood disorders, menopause, or PCOS. Just a few of the things they report:

Our providers at MHB are experts in hormonal re-balance. We regularly screen and treat patients for deficiencies using comprehensive blood testing. If you are dealing with any of the symptoms above, don’t suffer in silence. Contact us for a full evaluation.

Hormone Pellets for Balance

Hormone Pellets are one of the most commonly targeted therapies for women who are out of balance. This minor procedure involves the insertion of a small pellet underneath the skin that slowly releases a steady stream of hormones into the blood for 3-5 months at a time.

Since the 1930’s, pellet therapy has been used successfully in women to:

Because insurance companies do not cover pellet therapy, we are committed to making the treatment accessible and affordable for our patients. Please contact our office for pricing information.

What is Peptide Therapy? How is it different?

Peptides are an exciting new treatment option with the goal of optimizing the body’s natural hormone production systems. While pellets aim to directly replace deficient hormones in the blood, peptides instead act as “signals” to tell your body to produce more hormones on its own.

Different peptides act differently within the body. At MHB, we offer 3 different therapy options: Ipamorelin, Sermorelin, and Ibutamoren. We strive to match patients with the most effective treatment option based on goals, target challenges, and underlying medical conditions. For more information on distinctions between each therapy, visit our peptide webpage.

Among the many benefits attributed to peptide therapy:

Peptide therapies are not currently covered by insurance. For interested patients, we offer an affordable prescription program where the peptides are shipped directly to your home.

What about nutrition and lifestyle factors?

At MHB, we believe in taking a wholistic approach to all of our patient care. In addition to hormonal balance, we help patients focus on improving their nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits – pillars of preventive medicine.

Lifestyle stress and chronic dieting can significantly disrupt body hormones and lead to poor digestion, fatigue, and weight gain. Many patients come to us stuck in this cycle of restrictive food rules, “cheating”, guilt, and frustration. We help them break out of this fixed mindset and repair their relationship with food.

We routinely help patients manage nutrition-related conditions, including:

If you’re struggling with making changes and ready for a more sustainable, tailored approach, consider meeting with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Zach Wehmeyer.

*Note: Most major insurers cover individualized nutrition counseling. For those that don’t, we offer competitive pricing and affordable packages.


At MHB, we strongly believe in the power of preventive medicine. For our female patients, that means mitigating the risks of heart disease, the leading cause of death for women in the U.S.

Under the expert care of Harvard-trained cardiologist Dr. Evan Appelbaum, MD, our patients have access to the latest technologies in cutting-edge diagnostic testing and comprehensive cardiology care. If you have underlying heart conditions such as hypertension, CAD, or arrythmias, we have the expertise to help you manage these problems head on.

Diagnostic Testing

All of our programs start with an in-depth cardiac assessment, including uncovering risk factors and pertinent family history. From there, we offer a full suite of screening tests right in our Chestnut Hill Office. This leads to more precise, individualized treatment plans and the ability to spot issues in the early stages, when small interventions can produce big results.

Cardiac stress testing allows us to assess how a patient’s system copes with the physical demands of exercise within a safe and controlled environment. We can then help design a tailored program for improving cardiovascular fitness and maintaining independence.

We also offer cardiac and vascular ultrasound services. These non-invasive imaging procedures provide a real-time picture of what is happening directly at the level of the heart and blood vessels, and whether plaques or calcifications exist.

Hypertension and Cholesterol Management

Managing risk starts with controlling the factors that contribute to further development of cardiac issues. Two of those primary contributors are blood pressure and cholesterol. At MHB, we take an “all-hands-on-deck” approach, supporting our patients with targeted prescription medications and routine monitoring as well as intensive nutrition and lifestyle therapy, so that you can feel empowered to make choices that support your health goals.

Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Arrythmias

Arrhythmia is an umbrella term for issues involving irregular or abnormal heart beats. One such condition is atrial fibrillation, where the different chambers of the heart muscle don’t quite sync up during beats to move blood through the heart efficiently. Arrythmias can have a variety of different driving forces, so diagnosing the specific cause is critical to building an effective long-term treatment plan.

Some of the signs that you might benefit from an evaluation include:

At MHB, we help our patients get to the root cause of their symptoms, using validated testing methods such as Electrocardiography (EKG), Stress Testing, and wearable take-home heart monitors. Once a complete picture of risk is determined, we work together to design a management plan that will work for them.


The relationship you have with your body is a major factor in determining your sense of health and wellbeing. Bodies are meant to be celebrated; to be explored; to be loved. We’re here to help you thrive in the skin you’re in.

Vitamins You Can Trust

At MHB, we believe in a “food first” approach to nutrition. We also understand the value of targeted supplementation to protect blood vessels and brain health, and to reduce inflammation.

We partner directly with Xymogen to offer our patients high-quality vitamins they can trust. No fluff, no fillers - just highly absorbable forms of the supplements we prescribe most. For our female patients, this includes pure Omega-3 fish oil, as well as Vitamin D + K2.

Bone Health

For our female patients who have experienced menopause, skeletal health is a major concern. As estrogen falls away, so do the protective effects it exerts upon bone strength. This raises the risk of fractures during their golden years.

At MHB, our focus on prevention starts from their very first appointment. We utilize dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) technology, the gold standard in bone density assessment, to gauge patients’ fracture risk every year, and to provide a clear program for improvement when necessary. This service is covered by insurance on an annual basis.

Body Composition

The same DXA technology allows us to measure and monitor changes to other body tissues, including lean mass and body fat percentages. Body composition scans confer a strong advantage over traditional BMI metrics for assessing individual disease risk. By parsing out differences between muscle and body fat, we can capture changes in fitness and metabolic health that the scale might miss. Each assessment is only $60.

BTL EMSELLA for Pelvic Floor Therapy

At MHB, we were early adopters of the BTL EMSELLA chair, a revolutionary therapy for effectively treating urinary incontinence and enhancing the strength of pelvic floor muscles. EMSELLA is a major component of our highly popular Core to Floor program, aimed at improving urinary control and increasing sexual performance and satisfaction.

BTL EMSCULPT NEO for Body Sculpting

The second of our cutting-edge technologies from BTL, the EMSCULPT NEO is a highly versatile body shaping device. The EMSCULPT uses potent electromagnetic energy to stimulate repeated muscular contractions in the targeted area, simultaneously building muscle tissue and melting away unwanted body fat. The device is FDA-approved for use on five different body parts including the abdominals, where one 30-minute session produces results equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups.

At MHB, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to the unique needs and concerns of every individual.

For more information on our programs and services, or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced providers, call our office at 617-277-5000 or send us an appointment request.

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