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At MHB, we believe strongly in taking a food-first approach to health and wellness. We also understand that, sometimes, getting the optimal level of vitamins and nutrients is difficult. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Xymogen to provide our patients with exceptional quality supplements they can trust. We offer only products with clinically-researched ingredients that meet the most stringent standards for purity, dosing accuracy, and third-party testing (read more about Xymogen’s testing policies here).

If you’re a patient of Men’s Health Boston and interested in discussing what vitamins are right for you, schedule a conversation with one of our expert providers. Inquire about our bi-monthly subscription plan available for shipping directly to your home!

Men's multivitamin

Men’s MultivitaminNutritional insurance to nourish optimal wellness

It’s clear that when it comes to micronutrients, simply taking a multivitamin is no substitute for a diet high in fruits and vegetables. However, major research surveys also show that nearly 80% of Americans don’t eat the recommended amount of vegetables per day, and nearly three quarters fall short on fruit intake.

Some scientists argue that for a relatively low cost, supplementing daily intakes of vitamins and minerals may aid in long-term chronic disease prevention. Emerging research shows that the body favors prioritizing micronutrients for functions essential to short-term survival. Prominent U.C. Berkley researcher and professor Bruce Ames has described this phenomenon as Triage Theory.

At MHB, we think of our multivitamin as “nutritional insurance”, alongside offering ongoing support for those patients looking to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Omega 3Powerful anti-inflammatory, heart and brain protection


As a structural building block within healthy cell walls, Omega-3 fats play a vital role in improving the function and flexibility of cells all over the body. 

Research highlights the key roles of Omega-3s in heart and brain health. In addition to potent triglyceride-lowering effects, their many benefits  on the cardiovascular system include reducing blood pressure, helping the heartbeat maintain a normal rhythm, and a significant reduction in the risk of sudden cardiac death.

Omega-3s may also confer protective benefits on the brain. Recent research found that a higher omega-3 intake was associated with preventing cognitive decline amongst older patients, in particular those with a history of heart disease.

Unlike medications, where taking a daily dose produces a noticeable response for many patients, omega-3 fats tend work in the background. Most patients do not describe “feeling different” after supplementation. When you consider that their role is in preserving normal function for as long as possible, that’s a good thing.

Vitamin D3 + K2 – Critical in building strong bones

Proper bone health is of particular importance for our patients at MHB. Both low testosterone and low estrogen are significant risk factors for weakened bones, also known as “osteopenia”. Fortunately, targeted supplementation can lead to dramatic improvements.

Vitamin D3 is necessary for the absorption of calcium in the gut. Because our skin produces vitamin D in proportion to sunlight exposure, many people, especially during the winter in Massachusetts, have inadequate or deficient levels. While much of the research into  various health benefits of vitamin D is still inconclusive, one area that is well-established is that supplementation (in particular, alongside calcium) significantly reduces risk of bone fractures.

More recently, studies have elucidated the role of a subtype  of vitamin K called “vitamin K2” in strengthening bones. Vitamin K2 activates proteins involved in bone tissue construction and ensures that calcium is shuttled out of the blood stream, protecting arteries from hardening due to build-up of calcium deposits.

The best way to monitor long-term bone health is with yearly bone density scans, a service we offer right in our Chestnut Hill office. These scans are covered by most major insurers once per year.

Hair for Him

Silicon forms an integral part of the primary structural proteins in the body: collagenelastin, and keratin. While possible to get silicon through diet, most people’s intake is relatively low, and supplemental forms tend to have low absorption rates. By using a highly bioavailable form of silicon known as choline-stabilized ortho-silicic acid (ch-OSA), Hair For Him includes the most absorbable version of this nutrient currently on the market.

Though more research is needed, preliminary studies investigating the effects ch-OSA on hair growth and development have been positive, with researchers observing objective improvement in markers of hair tensile strength and fiber thickness. In addition, ch-OSA seems to exert beneficial effects on skin softening and elasticity and may improve fingernail brittleness.

High-dose biotin (vitamin B7) helps to generate the protein keratin. While current research suggests biotin may not stimulate new hair growth, it can aid in preventing further hair loss.

In addition to cutting-edge therapies such as PRP and peptide therapiesHair For Him is an integral part of our MHB toolkit for a healthier, more vibrant, more youthful you.

XYMOGEN’s Exclusive Professional Formulas are available through select licensed health care professionals. The Internet sale and discounting of XYMOGEN formulas are strictly prohibited. makes XYMOGEN formulas available only to patients of our clinic. If you are a patient of Men’s Health Boston, you may inquire about XYMOGEN by calling (617) 277-5000.

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