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Core to Floor

Core to Floor’ combines two game-changing technologies from BTL: EMSCULPT NEO and EMSELLA. This new program at MHB addresses your entire core — your abs, back, and pelvic floor muscles — in under an hour, providing both functional and cosmetic benefits. Science shows that strengthening your core and pelvic floor can improve sexual performance and urinary function.


Emits short, powerful bursts of High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to induce muscle contractions in your abs, butt, arms, and calves, activating more muscle fibers than can be achieved through exercise. It’s like doing 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes. In addition, Emsculpt Neo uses radiofrequency energy to simultaneously melt away unwanted fat.


EMSELLA emits HIFEM energy to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while you sit on a chair fully clothed. It’s like doing 12,000 Kegels in less than 30 minutes. Emsella also boosts blood flow to your pelvic floor, which heightens sexual pleasure and helps treat erectile dysfunction.

Emsella model

Core to Floor Benefits Include:

  • Improved core strength
  • Decrease in symptoms of urinary incontinence
  • Fat reduction
  • Improved erectile function
  • Enhanced sexual satisfaction
  • Improvements in muscle mass
  • Better balance improved posture

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a Candidate for Core to Floor?
If you are concerned about urinary incontinence, frequent nighttime urination, or constantly have the urge to urinate, you will benefit from Emsella. Emsculpt Neo is ideal for individuals looking to tighten and tone core muscles and shed unwanted fat.

Unlike other energy-based body contouring devices, Emsculpt Neo is approved to treat people with body mass indexes (BMIs) of up to 35. The best way to find out if you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation at Men’s Health Boston.

What is the Treatment Protocol?
Core to Floor initial treatment comprises six Emsella treatments and four Emsculpt Neo treatment over weeks. Those with ED or LUTS/BPH can also integrate Sonic-Wave Therapy (SWT) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for the most comprehensive program in existence! Core to floor also offers a membership for maintenance treatments to sustain those benefits over time!

How Long Does the Treatment Take?
Each Core to Floor treatment is completed in 30 min for either Emsella or Emsculpt Neo alone, or just under an hour when combined. There is no downtime after Core to Floor. You can resume daily activities immediately after the treatment.

What Type of Results Can I Expect?
Individual results will vary. Studies show a 30 percent reduction in fat and a 25 percent increase in muscle mass with a full cycle of Emsculpt Neo treatments. Studies also show improvements urinary and sexual health after a single Emsella session, with continued improvements seen over time.

What Does Core to Floor Feel Like?
Most patients describe Emsculpt Neo as comfortable and tolerable. You can feel intense muscle contractions, while the radiofrequency energy is comparable to a hot stone massage. With Emsella, you may experience tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions during the procedure.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?
Treatments normally cost $1,000 per Emsculpt session and $300 per Emsella session. But give us a call for a special introductory rate!

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