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What Questions Should I Ask a Doctor About Sexual Dysfunction?

Posted by: Men's Health Boston in Sexual Dysfunction on June 11, 2021

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Discussing personal, intimate details with a doctor may feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. But they are there to help, and the chances are good that whatever questions you have, they’ve heard before from other patients.

Keep reading for some of the questions you should ask your doctor about sexual dysfunction!

Why Am I Having Trouble Getting An Erection?

This is a good question to discuss with your doctor, as there are different reasons why you may be having trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Both psychological and physical factors can affect your ability to become aroused.

Your doctor will review your medical history and perform a thorough physical exam. The physical exam includes running blood tests and sometimes taking a urine sample.

Your doctor may also ask you questions about your mental well-being. These questions will help them understand if counseling may be of benefit.

You may have Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Factors that affect your desire to have sex can make it difficult to get an erection. In addition, stress, depression, and anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction.  An injury, genetics, poor health, or a sleep disorder can also cause ED.

Good news is that treatments are available, including medication (Viagra, for example), surgery, or counseling, depending upon which is best for you.

In addition, you may be able to reverse ED by taking better care of yourself through diet, regular exercise, quitting smoking, and more.

Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure can cause sexual dysfunction. It’s essential to have regular physical exams to get checked for these serious health concerns.

Are My Medications Causing Sexual Dysfunction?

Have you felt different recently and wondered if it might be due to certain medications that you are taking? Have you felt less like yourself and wondered if your medications are causing this side effect?  Are you currently taking high blood pressure medication or antidepressants? These types of medications can interfere with your libido and cause you not to feel aroused. They can also affect your ability to get and maintain an erection.

When you ask your doctor about your medications, don’t forget to mention any supplements or OTC (over-the-counter) drugs that you currently take. Some of these may be interfering with your prescription medications.

Your doctor may be able to change or adjust dosages to help with your sexual dysfunction.

Do I Have Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for muscle strength, body/facial hair, deep voice, and a high sperm count. Women’s bodies also contain a small amount of testosterone.

Testosterone naturally declines as your body ages, and this can have an impact on how you feel. For example, if you have low testosterone, you may experience fatigue, irritability, depression, and find it hard to focus for long periods.

In addition, you may begin losing hair and muscle and find it difficult to get an erection when aroused. There are options available for you if you have low testosterone. First, your doctor can prescribe a form of testosterone therapy that works for you.

You should not ignore sexual dysfunction. Any conversation that you have about it with your doctor will be confidential.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how personal they may sound. Don’t let sexual dysfunction interfere with your life; call to schedule an appointment at Men’s Health Boston with one of our expert providers today!

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