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Why get the “Core to Floor” treatments at Men’s Health Boston?

Posted by: Men's Health Boston in Men's Health on October 25, 2021

Our Core to Floor therapies treat a variety of symptoms including erectile dysfunction (ED), lower urinary tract symptoms or LUTS/BPH, enlarged prostate, and more! The therapies include three treatments combined to provide the best results. You can expect a tighter core, stronger pelvic floor, better control over your incontinence and less urgency. The treatments are all non-invasive, no downtime or prep. You can expect to leave the office after 30 minutes per treatment.

We recommend these treatments as part of an all-encompassing suite of services for our patients. With testosterone therapy and nutrition counseling as additional therapies to increase muscle tone, improve sexual function and overall wellbeing and happiness, we firmly believe the Core to Floor treatments are just another addition to MHB’s core services that help men (and women) become the best version of themselves. Here is some information on each therapy included in the Core to Floor program at Men’s Health Boston. 

Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo is one of our newest devices used to tighten your core and pelvic floor muscles (as well as other major muscle groups if desired). The treatment consists of 4 weekly 30-minute sessions where you’re abdominal and surrounding muscles are put to work producing 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes. This therapy includes a fat melting component that helps shed the unwanted layer of fat for a stronger and tighter looking core. Looking for more information on Emsculpt Neo? Click here for more information.


Emsella is part of a new fleet of devices used to treat urinary incontinence, improve sexual function and increase sexual satisfaction, as well as tightening the pelvic floor muscles for better urinary control. This non-invasive device stimulates your pelvic floor muscle to contract 12,000 times within the 30 minute treatment. These contractions are keigle exercises which helps life the pelvic floor muscles supporting your urinary and reproductive organs. A tighter pelvic floor means more urinary control, less urgency, improved sexual function and more!

Sonic Wave Therapy

MHB has been offering sonic wave therapy for over 3 years now and have become experts in treating men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and most recently, enlarged prostate leading to lower urinary symptoms. We have two different sonic wave therapy machines which deliver pulses of acoustic waves into your tissues. These waves simulate blood vessel and nerve regrowth which intern increases your sensitivity and improves erection quality. Our newest device provides a more focused and deeper acoustic wave deeper into your tissues to target the prostate and surrounding tissues. Our technician will use the most appropriate device to best treat your symptoms (ED vs urinary symptoms). Check out our page here for more information.

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